Showcase Your Favorite Art for Your Friends

If you’re a painter or drawer, you might have come across the problem of what to do with a completed art piece. While it’s great to hang your work in your home, sometimes you have the urge to let it out into the world, too. If you’re confident enough in your artistic ability, giving your art to friends as a holiday, birthday or anniversary gift is a wonderful way to do just that. Custom picture framing is a valuable service that will keep your art safe and let your friends easily display it for the world to see.

Choose from Hundreds of Frames

The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom picture frames. Try branching away from your local department store to an independent frame shop. You might be surprised at what you’ll find: thousands of frames and matting in every size, shape and material imaginable. A quality shop can offer state-of-the-art framing services, including:

  • Using a computer to create unique and modern mat designs
  • Framing consultation and design advice
  • Quality framing that won’t result in rips, dents or smudges
  • Personalized service to fit your budget

There is no better gift than self-created artwork. Your friends will appreciate your effort when you grace them with your beautiful art in a museum-quality frame. Custom picture framing can help you achieve the look you want.